Out grocery shopping with a girlfriend the other day and I had an interesting conversation with self service checkout lady and I say lady as she was mature age. 

We were scanning the item, the next item was the large long cucumber prewrapped in plastic with a bar code. The plastic, bar code and the cucumber were not playing ball and I made a typical not uncalled for comment about straightening it out… well the lady came over to assist, we all had a little giggle, she then asked if I could take a joke and proceeded to tell me about a lady who bought a cucumber and commented that you didn’t need a condom as it was already wrapped….. 

Then she started to tell me about a house guest that stayed and used her zucchini, all four of them as vibrators. She said her husband found them in the rubbish bin and offered to wash them for her..  there was much giggling and a nod goodbye.