This is my year of listening, giving and sharing a bit to find a bond. To expierence people, make memories and revel in life.

Talking to a colleague I was listening to her talk about our usual mandatory things that need to be discussed. There was a doodle on a piece of paper and I made comment about the abstractness and she talked about her grandson and his designs. This led to me discovering that she cares for her husband who has asbestosis and PTSD as he fought for our country. Her daughter the mother of the grandson died in a car accident although she then stated she had dipolar and was very unstable. She talked about her grandson and the two roles he had to fulfill, that of  a parent and then that of a child, depending on her mood his role could change throughout the day.

What I saw in this woman was a mother who has grieved and wrestled with the demands of mental health, she is a carer, a grandmother, a provider and then she works. I’m not sure what part of her life is hers, maybe that is for next time.