If you don’t feel is it a wasted day?

How much energy does it take to feel, to breath to churn through the emotions in your head, to process the visual delights in front of you….. Lots……. 

do I have that energy today I don’t think so…..

Is that ok ? Well I hope so……

This hasn’t been a day of bed or depression or tears. It’s been a day of finding comfort, sounds weird but comfort in clothes, comfort with space and the spacing sitting in. Comfort that nothing is planned but a few important thing have been achieved.

I’m not hiding from feelings but I have turned off the things that are envoking the feelings. A day of putting it down and just breathing, relaxing and not controlling anything, or thinking through comments before they are made, or  anticipating responses before they are said, or processing situations before they have happened. 

So it’s not a wasted day….. but a cherished day of breathing, having no control or plan and being comfortable with that.