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How many words within the word hospitality can we refer back to the genus word….

Hospital: a hospital optimises hospitality, the open all hours we will care for you, calm you, support you and even smile when faced with abuse, death, and bodily products.

Spit: as in to roast…. serve a delicious meal providing hospitality to to friends and family.

Hostility: often found in shitty customers while working in the hospitality industry.

Patios: places to sit and enjoy the hospitality of others.

Spoilt: when you are the centre of a friends hospitality.
Hospitality goes both ways…. so let’s toast to the host, and tip out hat, dont be a shit, don’t be hasty, enjoy being spoilt, the tapas is tasty, get a bit tipsy with the salty tequila shot, and at the end of the day sit in a hot, soapy, spa.

So many words from one amazing word…..