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I looked at the daily word QUALM …. my first thought was to ignore today’s word… Why? Well I have a long torrid history with words……

As a child I did not read, when I did read it was backwards. The words all blended and I couldn’t understand the sounds or rules. 

The most classic memory I have with words was from my parents… “go and get the dictionary and look the word up”…

Many people think this is simple and it should be, but when you cannot understand the word and the meaning of the word has more words that you cannot pronounce you end up in a confused angry mess.

I remember one of my teachers making me write the word probably 100 times on the chalk board (I know showing my age), my teacher returned and I had written the word 100 times just like she asked, but it was all wrong… she had never helped me spell the word properly so I wrote it how it sounded to me (probabibly). She was raged and thought I was being defiant….. so begins my long struggle with words.

School and I did not agree, I thought I was stupid, dumb…. people used words fluently, freely and I struggled to pronounce “probably”…. I struggled to read. I could read but the big words, the long words, the words with different rules all baffled me. 

You get through, you find different easier words and you nod and smile when you just don’t understand….. well that’s how I did it, I hated words.  When I was 19 I dated an army officer, he saw through everything and worked with me and started with the news paper, just small things. We would read together and he would explain words to me. I still had only read two or three books at this stage of life…….

So eventually I found a bit of courage, I went to university when I was 25, it was hard… can I just say I love spell check and the electronic thesaurus…. I have compleated a masters ….. yes I’m finally proud of myself and my word journey…. 

I have read more books and I can converse with bigger longer words. Now I ask if I don’t understand a word, to me it’s a sign of growth and not a sign of stupidity…..

The outcome I don’t hate words…. 

so here’s my though on Qualm….. “thank you I have no qualms using big long words”