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I hate the 2 AM death wake….  once you wake that’s it ….. all over red rover…

My brain switches on and the thoughts roll like waves..

I would much prefer the still of the ocean, the smell of salt, the sound of waves as they smash the sand…..

It’s winter and there’s nothing nicer than the cool sea breeze…

It winter, it’s time for the doona and PJs….  not tonight… it’s warm there’s no breeze just the sound of distant cars, trains and possums on the roof…  it’s too warm for PJs but I will not give up the doona. 

I should be asleep, I have clean sheets on the bed… there is nothing nicer….. that crisp soft feel on your skin, it’s heaven. So is finding the cool spots with your feet….

I had a day out with a friend, we solved the worlds problems and I talked…. actually talked, not the usual superficial stuff but the heart felt raw emotion of my soul right now…. she talked… we had a few tears while getting our toes done… I feel calm..

So what’s in my head?

What is unsolved that really needs to be solved at this time…. !!!!

My first thought when waking… is my soul sista awake too….   

there’s some stuff you just cannot solve at 2 AM…..

Ahhh there goes a thirty carriage freight train… it’s now 4 AM….. 

I think it’s time to float in the ocean…. letting the waves lift and move my body setting my mind adrift…

Goodnight… morning