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Often we are so focused on our own lives that we don’t realise the impression we are leaving on others….

One really busy shift I triaged a lady, she was mid forties, well educated intelligent lady. She started telling me her story and my inner gut was going into over drive, I did what I would usually do with all the people I see. I showed her empathy, talked through her plan of care while in EC, helped her understand results and held her hand when my gut feeling was confirmed. I did nothing extraordinary…. just my job which I love.

I was shocked a few weeks later when there was a card and gift left for me at reception, it was from this lady. It was beautifully written with words of meaning. I was very blown away that I had made such an impression on one person……

This made me think and wonder had she gone through life without being shown compassion care and love, that one small act made such an impression.

I don’t think many of us realise the impression we leave on people…..