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It’s shiny it’s new it’s clean…. it’s buff…..

I have or will have a new car tomorrow…… to me a car has four wheels and is a nice necessity in my life. 

I’m excited but not, …… I’m sounding a bit spoilt but it’s not like that at all…. my car, my lovely second hand two door car has become too small for my boys, too small for the school bags, cricket bags and tennis gear and really the weekly shopping fills the boot, the back seat and the front. I love my car, I love that is second hand.

Second hand has never phased me, I buy clothes second hand, books second hand actually anything second hand. I’m a big believer in recycle and reuse… I’m also a huge believer in the regift….. so when looking for another car, I started to look at the second hand cars…. to be honest it was going to cost between ten to fifteen thousand for a second hand four door compact car with quite a few kms on the clock….. for a new car, brand new it’s costing me thirteen….. what has happened when it’s basically cheaper to buy new than second hand….

My first car cost me 1500 dollars, it lasted three years then blew up, it had a great life. My next car also under two thousand, it was a great car. When I was in the UK my first car cost me 300 pounds, it cost me more for rego than than the actual car but it still had purpose and drive, it also had a hole in the passenger seat floor… (there’s a whole story there about round abouts and bullets, another time)  my point is it’s a rite of passage to have a first car that is a second hand car, when did we get so disposable that it’s cheaper to buy new than old….. something’s very wrong…… a whole generation of boys and girls are missing out on doing up their first car, filling the rust with bog, having sex in the front seat that has seen more action over the course of its life than when it’s your turn the seat collapses…. these are important memories…… 

we all remember our first car…. our second car…. then finally when we were grown up we got a new car !!! My new car my rite of passage….