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Butchers paper in our house was used for three things….

1. It was the paper we bought the meat home in from the butcher.

2. It was the paper we used to wrap up all the fine China every time we moved and we moved a hell of a lot, every two years or less. We got to a stage where we just left the fine China wrapped and when it was needed we would unwrap it use it and wrap it back up again.

3. Dad used to write letters to mum and us on butchers paper. We had a wild divorce, mum and dad parted, got back together, parted got back together and finally parted. Dad was bipolar so he would write these amazing letters on butchers paper. Sometimes they would make sense and sometimes they were dark and threatening.  Our pocket money always had a butchers paper note attached to it. Dad could write and write well when his brain was on the artistic plane, he had deep theories in his down phases and wild delusional phases where he had won the lotto…… to dad butchers paper was his medium…. oddly though his suicide note was written on foolscap lined paper….. possible a moment where he felt in control.