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Sitting in a bath full of bubbles gives the illusion that the water is warm and the expierence will be relaxing, what a wonderful illusion.

The world has told be bubble baths are relaxing sensual and warm. A place where you go to forget the present and dream of the future…. what a beautiful illusion….

The truth to this illusion right now in my world……

I have a child in the toilet next door singing, banging the wall calling out to me asking if I liked the song. My neighbours are mowing the lawn and below me the dryer is going…… now a plane over head…. and a fly buzzing around.

Now it’s time to stop breath and drift into my illusion….. mull out the sounds and listen to nature in the distance…. let the water heal my bones and feel the bubbles wrap themselves around my body…..

Time to enjoy my illusion