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There were three things I needed to get from the street market. Three presents that required thought, feeling and effort. I was struggling, nothing was different, nothing was standing out. I know these gifts will find me, I know that they will be like a beacon amongst wads of clutter…. but right now it’s all looking the same.

This has to get better , nothing stays the same, there has to be some difference here, I just have to find it….. I closed my eyes…. Breathe….. feel the air and try again. 

Breathe out, open eyes and…….. oh, that’s new, that’s quite breathtaking. Her hair is long, whispy, silver, white and black, tied loosely back, strands of silver around the curves of her face. Her cloths fall around her body and as she moves the fabric flows with her. She’s flowing, she is flowing with life, she is life.

She looked up and smiled, a smile of love and warmth, a smile that showed her love for herself, her love for her body, a love for her soul and a love to be shared. 

I am not a local, I wandered aimlessly into a market looking for a gift, I think I found her.