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Human behaviour never ceases to amaze me. More recently, almost daily, I listen to my colleagues rant about the behaviour of patients and families, I hear the abuse that is dished out as freely as take away food……. we ask people to behave, communicate with respect, be polite, show manners, stop raising your voice….etc

We rant, we vent, it’s substandard behaviour and we wear the brunt of it……… it’s a daily routine now, it’s a learned behaviour, a copied behaviour, a continued diatribe…. families and patients hurl abuse, we acknowledge, accept, de-escalate and we rant and vent and stomp our feet and swear away from the public eye with our colleagues…… BUT I HAVE TO ASK…… is this really substandard behaviour or is this now standard behaviour, is this what we do, is this what we have become where it’s no longer substandard but part of every day routine……… what have we become when this becomes normal?

Rant over

P.S Nurse yoga possibly a great solution….. and we all look like this picture 😂😁