<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/lust/”>Lust</a&gt;

The world stops and her voice tingles my heart, each word rolling like the waves, captivates my ears wanting to hear more.

Surely it’s lust………

A momentary touch stuns my heart, holds my breath and awakens my eyes, they glow and sparkle.

Surely it’s lust …..

At three am I hear her breathe, she’s awake, my souls awake, I want her touch, her words, her mind.

Surely it’s…..

She fills my thoughts, both spare and forced, I want her attention her smile her nose, her feet wrapped in mine.


I want her day’s, I want her moments, I want her moods, her happiness, her golden eyes, I want her with me..

Surely it’s Love ❤️